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Grenada is largest of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique (see map below). Grenada is located at 11o 59’ and 12o 20’ North latitude and 61o 36’ and 61o 48’ West longitude. Carriacou is found to the North East of Grenada and Petit Martinique to the East of Carriacou. Grenada’s land mass is approximately 312 km², while Carriacou is about 34 km² and Petit Martinique is 2 km². The capital of Grenada is St. Georges on the West Coast and the second largest town is Grenville on the East Coast. Hillsborough is the main town on Carriacou.

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All three islands are volcanic in origin. An active submarine volcano exists between Grenada and Carriacou called Kick ‘em Jenny. This volcano last erupted in September 2001 and is currently located approximately 180m below sea level. Mainland Grenada’s highest mountain peak is Mt. St. Catherine. It is located within the island’s central mountain range and is 833m in height. Carriacou’s highest point is at an altitude of 291m. Given the islands’ volcanic history, andesite and basalt lavas are the dominant rock types. The main soil types are Woburn Clay Loam found in the coastal areas, Belmont Clay Loam in the North and Capitol Clay Loam to the South.

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