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Training Tour Guide Training
Outdoor training …
A five days training course was held in October and November 2014 at IWOKRAMA for an audience of about 25 participants. This training focused on application of field bird watching techniques and identification as it applies to coastal birding with an emphasis on mangrove ecosystems. Additional training on elements of tourism focused on leadership and communication skills, and tour guiding basics was conducted.
The main objective of the training course was to build capacity in basic birding skills within the local communities of Hope Beach and Greenfield to allow for sustainable livelihoods activities connected to mangrove forests in these areas.

Indoor training
… and indoor training
Waldyke Prince, Biologist, award winner and top birding tour guide in Guyana, was appointed to the post of chief trainer. He was ably assisted by another award winning tour guide, Mr Leon Moore. Paul Waldron, who conducted the Tour Guiding basics, is a very experienced tour guide with over two decades of experience in the field and also in training related to tour guiding techniques. Birchelene (Bonita) Harris is renowned for her training skills in facilitation, leadership and communication techniques which she focused onand she also included conflict management.

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